Here are 8 good reasons why solar panels should be installed

Investments amortized in a short time

The initial investment costs for the purchase and installation of photovoltaics can be easily amortized in seven or at most ten years, against a percentage of self-consumption of 80% and even 90%.
A classic system, i.e. not of accumulation, allows to reduce the times to 4-5 years but obviously with less savings in the face of a much lower self-consumption.

Minimal maintenance

Installing a photovoltaic system is also worthwhile for the minimum maintenance costs required by the components, which lend themselves very well to exposure to the open air, ensuring a life span of the panels that can even reach 35 years.

Efficient batteries

Photovoltaic systems with storage systems are considered the most convenient to install thanks to the efficiency and duration of modern batteries, whose costs today are around € 1000 per kWh, much lower than lithium ones.

Greater value of the property

The installation of solar panels on the roof of a home is convenient to increase the value of your home, which will significantly gain in energy efficiency against a significant reduction in utility costs.

Reduction of pollution

Another valid reason why installing photovoltaics is worthwhile is related to the environment.
In an increasingly worrying world scenario, where the phenomenon of global warming risks compromising the health of the entire planet, choosing to install solar panels means taking concrete action to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere and the greenhouse effect.
Thanks to the installation of photovoltaics, it is possible to self-produce a form of clean, renewable and inexhaustible energy, without waste disposal, which is harmful to human health.


Photovoltaics are convenient for ease of use, thanks to remote control systems of the main data, from those relating to the inclination to the energy produced and any problems on which to intervene.


Installing a photovoltaic system at home is also convenient for the versatility that the system guarantees, which offers countless potentials.
This is the case, for example, of solar thermal, which ensures considerable self-sufficiency for those who install it, allowing a net saving even on gas costs simply with the production of hot water.

Recyclable panels

In addition to having a low environmental impact, photovoltaic panels are 80% recyclable as they are made of silicon, in some cases even reaching 100%.

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