Hydromicro Centrals

The operation of a hydroelectric power plant is as simple as it is ingenious. Upstream there is a natural basin or an artificial basin which is built with a dam that forms a barrier and prevents the flow of water from going downstream. Through forced pipes the water is conveyed at great speed downstream where a plant containing hydroelectric turbines and an alternator is located. This is where the kinetic energy generated by the rotation of the turbines is transformed into electrical energy by the alternator. Hydroelectric plants can be run-of-the-river (positioned on the watercourse), basin (the water is collected in a basin) or accumulation (the water is brought to a height with the help of pumps).

Hydro Power Generation

Our group is specialized in engineering and design of hydropower projects and water applications. With our skilled team of engineers totalizing more than 150.000 hours of experience, we are able to competitively offer the full range of services, from initial feasibility studies to commissioning, necessary for a wide range of applications, from Micro-hydro upwards or water supply systems. Complex developments of water flows remain one of the most efficient and clean ways of generating electricity. We are committed to rationally using this resource, balancing the impact such projects can have on nature and the necessities of the economic development. Our expertise includes design and optimization of Greenfield and Brownfield hydro electrical projects, design for industrial water systems and design for irrigation projects. Our team offers full support, from initial screening and feasibility studies, to detailed engineering, construction and commissioning, thus giving our clients the best yields for the water flow’s debit.