Reasons such as:

The evolution of the price of electricity in recent years

The evolution of technology and its decrease in price

Changing the legislative framework that has become much friendlier to renewable energy producers caused more and more electricity consumers to resort to the implementation of RES projects.

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    • We analyze the potential of different territories and select the most suitable areas for the construction of our plants. In addition to these aspects, we also analyze the context and its compatibility with environmental protection objectives.
    • By taking over the entire authorization process from the authorities involved, we establish a close and trusting relationship with the local realities in which the project is proposed, in order to make it welcome and perceived as a development factor.


    • In the first phase we design and build our power plants. Constantly updating the entire work team allows us to evaluate the best solutions available on the market. We offer our engineering, civil and mechanical skills, as well as many years of experience of our technicians to guarantee the best performance.
    • The control of our plants starts from the foundations and, due to this factor, we are able to guarantee not only the final result, in terms of efficiency, but also to fully control every aspect, to better manage both routine work and more complicated maintenance work.


    • Our plants are managed internally from a technical and environmental point of view and we also offer this service to third parties. Thanks to a state-of-the-art computerized system, we fully and constantly monitor each plant and optimize its efficiency with proven performance indicators, which can provide immediate feedback in the event of any possible anomaly.
    • Each emergency is managed internally thanks to qualified staff and trusted and proven local companies we work with, if necessary.


    • The value of the installations is not only a technical / engineering problem, but also an administrative one: for this reason, every aspect related to the production and sale of renewable energy is managed internally, both for the owned plants and for third parties.
    • We interact with all government, legal and regulatory bodies that are involved in the exchange between the manufacturer and the seller.